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Wendy Haines has long been committed to seeking the answers to HOW one can be whole, fulfilled and successful in life. Through 25 years of study with many well-known teachers and practitioners in human-potential, Wendy has gained depth of understanding and practice for healing and personal growth.

Wendy's passion is to empower others to find success, fulfillment, and to fully access a life they love. She centers her approach of discovery and transformation by working on, with, and through the body—the key to creating change that lasts. Through her one-on-one coaching, workshops and transformational adventures, Wendy shares the love, wisdom, guidance, and sense of wonder that her mentors, training and own experiences have contributed to her.

Her depth of understanding is multi-dimensional. She has the keen insight of a therapist. The creativity and imagination of an artist, the deep empathy and “birds eye view” of a spiritual teacher and a healthy dose of common sense.
— Sandra L., Director



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