EFFECTIVE ACTION = Purpose, clarity, inspiration and power.

How we show up in our lives is everything. What we DO (or don't do) is our "practice". Sometimes our practice creates exactly what we desire. Often, we are "practicing" from an old version of ourselves and we are getting in our own way...

Are you living the life you long for?

Do you know what you need to be doing to get where you want to go but just can't?  Do you have a big dream but just don't know how to bring it to life? Can't seem to stay on track?  Do life's distractions monopolize your time and energy?

Live and embody a life you love by aligning with effective action.

Live and embody a life you love by aligning with effective action.


  • creates the results you desire

  • is inspired from a place of Purpose

  • results in you being your most productive

  • results in success & fulfillment.

In the Effective Action Workshop you will learn to harness the power of Purpose, the importance of clarity, the value of balance, the key to fulfillment and how to embody effective action.  You will learn tools and practices that will enable you to take action you have been unable to take in the past on behalf of what you really care about.  These tools and practices empower you to make your actions count in order to embody the life you love.

I walked out the door totally inspired and a different person than I was when I walked in. I now have the tools to give myself the opportunities to enjoy my life and career and ultimately myself!
— - Shirley J, Actor