• A sudden, complete or marked change in something

  • The orbiting of one heavenly body around another

  • Sociology. a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly

  • Geology. a time of worldwide orogeny and mountain-building

What would you like to revolutionize in your life? 

Is The Personal Revolution Experience For You?

  • Do you love to stretch your limits?

  • Do you feel pulled towards expanding your purpose?

  • Is there a part of your life you that you want to transform?

  • Are you ready to explore your authentic self in the company of others in a wild place?

Our adventure begins on August 15th, 2018 at the Sand Hollow Resort in St George, Utah, followed by 14 transformational days rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. 



Imagine being immersed in pristine nature, pushing the adventure envelope and having a personal revolution...

The Personal Revolution River Experience combines two elements:

White water rafting the Colorado River through the majestic Grand Canyon and a Course designed to guide you through seven stages of Intentional Transformation.

 The perfect context to insight your Personal Revolution.


A Glimpse at a Day on the River

Wake to the smell of coffee, the sound of the river and the feel of sand under your feet.

  • Morning Practice:

    • Yoga - 15 mins

    • Mediation - 5 mins

    • Plan for the day - anchor into one of the seven stages of transformation.

    • Aligning with intention for the day

  • Hit the river

  • Casually explore the "Question of the Day"

  • Enjoy one of many activities: the river in its many forms, hiking, swimming, kayaking, down time, and more

  • Evening Camp

    • debriefing the day

    • setting the foundation for tomorrow

    • optional one on one Coaching Session

  • Go to sleep under the stars to the sound of the river.

Throughout the day, enjoy healthy, fresh food and snacks prepared with expert skill and lots of love.

*we happily accommodate special dietary needs  




Meet the Crew

Bryan Yadon


Bryan has 40 years of river experience and brings a passion for the canyons and rivers that you will see, feel and hear.  Safety and logistics are his focus and he has a passion for offering healthy, delicious food. A social worker by degree, Bryan does everything in his power to ensure you have an amazing experience. 

Bryan hand selects the crew for our trips.  Each hand-chosen crew is aligned with are mission and an are an integral part of the special trips that we are committed to.

Wendy Haines


Wendy has 15 years of transformational coaching experience with a focus on Somatics. She has a powerful and unique brand of leadership and authenticity that is relatable and accessible.  

Having grown up in the high Rockies of Colorado, nature and adventure have always played a huge part in her life.  She is passionate about bringing the power of nature connection into the equation of her Somatic Coaching work.

Wendy's love for the Canyon and passion for combing nature and transformation inspired her to partner with Bryan to create Personal Revolution River Adventures.


Patrick Clark


A veteran boatman and new dorie builder/owner.  Patrick has a well rounded base of river experience.  He is the operations manager of a rafting company in the Glacier National Park area in Montana.  He will be captaining his newly constructed dorie the South Fork.  



Amy Martin


A professional photographer, based in Flagstaff Arizona.  Amy has produced several powerful  humanitarian photographic documentaries.  She has many years of Grand Canyon boating experience.  She has been on several Grand Canyon trips supporting fish science.




Collin Yadon


Chef Collin has a passion for cooking and will be greeting you with a big smile and tasty dishes.  Another experienced boatmen that is a 4th generation guide. His Great grandfather was one of the Tour West founders (1969)








Elizabeth Topp

Our meditation and Yoga leader.  Elizabeth has a P.H.D in Transpersonal Psychology and many years of experience working with groups and individuals. This will be her first Grand Canyon river experience and we are excited to have her.