Wendy Recommends

Wendy has first hand experience with the resources below. They come with her highest recommendation. Feel free to reach out to Wendy if you’d like more information or have specific questions.

Strozzi Institute: Strozzi’s vision is a life-affirming future for all. Our commitment is to leave the world better than we found it. We support transformative leaders and organizations that can meet the challenges of our time – delivering sustainability, interconnectedness, and social equity.

Generative Somatics: The mission of generative somatics is to grow a transformative social and environmental justice movement -- one that integrates personal and social transformation, creates compelling alternatives to the status quo and embodies the creativity and life affirming actions we need to forward systemic change. 

Warner Loughlin Studios: Warner Loughlin Studios was built to support the dreams of actors at every level. We are driven by the belief that following one's dream is not frivolous or self-indulgent... it's responsible. Regardless of what people may think, not everyone wants to be an actor. A select few are truly called to this work, and even fewer answer with serious commitment. Our mission is to help you go beyond dreaming the dream. We're here to help you live it!

Love at First Fight: Bruce Muzic, the relationship repair expert whos comprehensive courses actually work.

Inner Bonding: Inner Bonding creates profound connections with Self, Spirit, and others that heals emptiness and aloneness, unleashing creativity, imagination, passion and purpose, love and joy!